Project Backoffice Notamail



Project details
  • Client : French Group SEPTEO
  • Category : Software Society
  • Project Duration : March 2014 - August 2014
  • Activity : Development - Microsoft.Net
  • Website :

SEPTEO group brings together a number of specialized and complementary companies in the field of software publishing. I worked for the company GENAPI which is the leading French software publisher for notaries.

My goal was to create a hosted messaging application with technology Microsoft.Net
Since 2012, Genapi use a hosted messaging service based on Microsoft Exchange Server. Administration of this service works with a script Powershell and Microsoft Tools like Active Directory.
This is problematic in so far as manual operations increase the risk of creating anomalies. Moreover, It prevents automation and self-service, It does not know how to manage a mode of administration for a group of people.

After reviewing the standard offers on the market, we decide to develop a customized solution. Specifications were written by a manager according to user needs.

Users of this application are clients who have a mailbox in the hosted system and can use the resources provided.
A single presentation of the product to customers is planned at the end of the project.

Each week, a point is organized with the manager to observe the progress of the project and asked specific questions to the development of certain functionalities.

The development of the application is divided into 8 parts.
At the end of each part, a demonstration is made to the manager.

Mission 1 : Connection Back Office
Mission 2 : Customer Display
Mission 3 : Displaying Users of each clients
Mission 4 : Displaying the mailbox to the selected user.

Mission 5 : Displaying Information for each user.
Mission 6 : Creating a new client.
Mission 7 : Creatig a new user.
Mission 8 : Saving parameters in XML files.

The whole application has been developed by me.
The resources used were Microsoft documentation and forums.

Web Form files (.aspx) were used to create the graphical user interface.
All data will be retrieved from the Active Directory and Exchange tools. To access it from our code we use PowerShell and Ldap queries.

Backoffice Architecture : Web Application
Language : C#
Framework : ASP.NET
IDE : Visual Studio
Mail Server : Microsoft Exchange
Directory Service : Active Directory

Unit and functionnal tests were used.

Functionnal tests were performed by users.

A meeting with all Notamail stakeholders was organized in order to present the new application, to explain its operation and to allow a rapid and effective transition.

For the implementation of the application in the company, we have set up an IIS Server.
A Domain Name System (DNS) is used to replace the IP address for connecting to the Web application with an explicit name.

A web application specialist was tasked to improve the visual appearance of the application.