Project SING'IN



Project details
  • Client : Conservatory of Toulouse
  • Category : Music, Student Project
  • Project Duration : November 2014 - June 2015
  • Activity : Project Manager
  • Website :

SING'IN is a numerical collaboration tool between students and teacher of a musical institute.
Our goal was to propose to the conservatory a tool allowing the students to progress by stimulating their capacity of listening, of work in group and creativity.
It will also allow teachers to use a new format to reinforce the values ‚Äč‚Äčtransmitted through their learning, such as work, repetition and musical reflection.

A teacher will propose on our software a first recording that he will share with his group of students that he wants to participate.
Students will listen this recording and propose their own personal creations to enrich this piece. This process is a real creative process since students will be able to use their personal inspirations, their sense of listening and improvisation to offer their own piece.

The clients targeted by our product are the musical institutions (conservatory and music school) which provide music learning courses.

Sing'In is an innovation because it allows the actors of musical learning to use a new mode of transmission. Sing'In is not defined as an alternative to current learning but as a complementary solution.
Sing'In is also an incremental innovation because it does not replace current processes but provides an improvement while impacting the organizational aspect.

To convince instances to use our application an explanatory note and a presentation have been proposed to the musical institutions.

The use of new technologies is a topic evoked within musical institutions and seen as a beneficial evolution within their organization.

The dictations recorded on CD by the teachers are integrated into our software. This is an immediate improvement to the existing system and can be integrated very quickly.
Our plan is to propose an immediate improvement to musical institutions.

The conservatories met to present SING'IN are very interested in the use of digital in learning.
Students, especially the younger ones, are very impregnated with new technologies.

The main difficulty is to mix several recordings on the same sound reproduction

Recording a sample is done using a device: smartphone or computer.
A heavy Java application has been chosen for improved sound processing and a suitable solution for the transfer of recordings on the network

Language : Java
Framework : MVC
IDE : Netbeans
Virtual server : Debian
DataBase : MYSQL
Audio Library : Beads

The implementation on a pilot site was proposed to carry out functional tests

SING'IN is reflected and finalized as simple to use.
Teachers, especially those of advanced age, are reluctant to use new technology, so ergonomics and use have been simplified in order to be accessible to all without further training.

Students use the new technologies on a daily basis so the use of SING'IN is part of their habits and facilitates its exploitation.

For reasons of delay and priorities, the prototype could not be finalized, so we could not observe the results of the use of SING'IN..