Yooz Inc - Dallas,TX


Junior Project Manager

Project details
  • Client : YOOZ INC
  • Category : Accounts payable automation services
  • Project Duration : Octobre 2017 - Now
  • Activity : Development, Management & Customer Support
  • Website : getyooz.com

Yooz Inc. provides cloud based accounts payable automation services for companies, small and medium scale enterprises, and Fortune 500 companies worldwide. Its technologies deliver the automation and accuracy, which include automatic GL coding, duplicate invoice detection, purchase requisition, workflow approval, purchase order import from ERP, and automatic matching of invoice and PO for approval.

The company’s technology also enables to capture and manage expense reports with attached receipts, contracts, and other documents, as well as supplies self-service to verify data, submit invoices, and exchange messages for rejections and discount negotiations. It also offers cloud-based document.

Trusted advisor relationship with customer sponsors such that all activities are closely aligned with the customer's business case, expected ROI and business strategy

Put the client first

Assume the responsibility of Pre- sales and Post-sales for customers with significant levels of complexity.
Understand and assess customer requirements as it applies to Yooz roll out and adoption

Configure the customer’s application in accordance with the requirements (workflows, ERP integration, …)

A good plan is based upon clear, well-defined and easily understood objectives.

Balanced, Practicable and Suitable

Conducts all project management tasks to ensure schedule, cost, and quality goals are achieved. This includes detailed project management plans, schedules, status reports, roles & responsibilities list, risks, issues, monthly budget forecasts, and project documentation.

Reports on the status, issues, key activities and any changes to the overall project.
Identify, grow opportunities and collaborate with sales teams to ensure growth attainment. Contribute to team meetings with appropriate content, views and suggestions


Best practice #1

Develop or adapt Groovy scripts, SQL scripts or reports to meet requirements that cannot be addressed via the standard settings of the solution.

Language : Groovy & Java
IDE : Netbeans
Repositories Manager : GitLab
Resolution Interface : SalesForce
Files : XML,JSON

A good test is reliable, practical, clear and authentic

A test platform is managed for each client. It permits to go live with 95% of success.

Good delivery occurs when all the requirements for transferring title to a security from the seller to the buyer have been met.

Support customers after go-live to create satisfied and referenceable customers, and ensure 100% retention.

Facilitate the development of a community of like Yooz customers, routinely sharing best practices and leveraging lessons learned.